Read Mr Tickle and help the British Library!

16 Feb
Mr. Tickle, 1971

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The British Library has a fantastic exhibition on at the moment about the evolution of the English language, called unsurprisingly ‘Evolving English’.  One of the things you can do there is make a recording of your voice by reading a set of  words aloud to help create a
map of spoken English.

If you can’t make it to London, then the good news is that you can participate virtually by submitting a recording of your voice.

You have two choices for what to read – either a list of six words where the pronunciation varies by region, or the first part of the children’s classic by Roger Hargreaves, ‘Mr Tickle’.  Those six words are: Controversy; Garage; Neither; Scone; Schedule and Attitude

According to the British Library, the reason for choosing Mr Tickle was that it’s simple enough for everyone to grasp, even people whose second language is English, and that its vocabulary offers a wide range of lexical sets.  Lexical sets are groups of words that share a similar pronunciation, and grouping words into these sets makes it easier to study the pronunciation of words in different accents.

You can either record through your computer or by downloading a free app called ‘AudioBoo’.  I did the latter – and it was incredibly

I also chose to read Mr Tickle, which was funnier than I had remembered, and was desperately trying not to sneeze throughout, so I hope I don’t sound too odd if they do post my recording!

So I’m now waiting with excitement to see whether I get posted.

Find out how to map your voice

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